LATHE. #random

Dahilan ng pagulan. 😂 Inaalikabok na to kaya ginamit ko muna. 🎹 #staywithme #snippet #cover

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Happy tummy. 😂😂😂 (at Yakimix)

Ang groovy ni lola dito. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLA! 😁✌️ More birthdays to come. God bless. I love you!

Reco buddies. #reco #specialreco3 #africa



Throwback! Nakanood kasi ako ng VB. Namiss ko tuloy. Thursday naman kaya pasok nadin tong pic. #tbt #bene #volleyball



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Exciting Photo Illusions

Mind blowing.

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Remember this? throwback. 😂 The night that you were my princess. And until this day, you still are. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know I’m not the sweetest man, you know that very well. 😁 I just want to tell you I love you bigtime! And I miss you! I am very blessed to have you. See you soon. Enjoy your day! 😚

HASHTAG IEE. Kailangan ipost ang ginawa. #IEE #sukatlagaripintura #numbersign

BEEda ang saya. 🍟🍔🍗🍝

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